This story starts in Namur

Belgium. It’s five o’clock in the afternoon and Alain’s finished school. It’s Wednesday. The best day of the week. He will go to grandmother Ludovika’s home. Mami Lou. Tea is ready and served when he walks in. It smells like lemon cake. Alain wants to learn the recipe. It’s all clear to him. He’ll be a baker when he grows up. He practises every weekend. He wakes up early to make breakfast for his parents and bring it to bed Nobody was surprised when he graduated at L’Ecole Hotelière in Namur.

He traveled around cooking and baking until Natalia, the soul of Mami Lou, encouraged him to make his dreams come true: To return home, to Bilbao, and open a small coffee where it always will be Wednesday afternoon. Where it always smells like lemon sponge cake and tea.

As we learnt from grandma Ludovika

delicious & cosy

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Let us give you what we do best at El Tilo de Mami Lou:
homemade cakes, that bring us to childhood.

See you in the heart of Bilbao